Message from the Principal's Desk

The B.Ed. program at the College of Teacher Education (PGT) provides a unique experience in Teacher Education. The program’s hallmark is academic excellence, but it is also designed to be accessible & affordable. A significant portion of the program cost is borne by the Education Department of the Government of Meghalaya & the Government of India. Therefore the fees have been kept at an affordable level.

The entire course is dedicated to elevating the quality of Teacher Education in the State. Through its various activities, the College aspires to create an environment to assist the student teachers to realise their full potential to enable them to play their roles effectively in the society in which they live in.

The CTE (PGT) fraternity desires to create a tradition of excellence by providing training to teachers with the enterprise of human service. Coming to College of Teacher Education (PGT) means being a member of an elite league of teacher educators, student and alumni who carry the torch of change in our society. We believe that a select group of committed and qualified educators can benefit from our curriculum.

I hope you will apply to become a student of our College.

Wishing you the very best

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