Library Advisory Committee

The Library is the hub and centre of the intellectual and literary life of the College. All through the years the College has been striving to equip and strengthen the library with books, journals and other resources. In order to improve the library service to the teachers and students community of the College, the Library Advisory Committee was set up. The present members of the committee include the following:

  1. Dr.  B. Tron, Convenor
  2. Dr. M. A. Jyrwa, Member
  3. Shri. A. S. Roy, Member
  4. Smt. M. Syiemlieh, Member
  5. Smt. E. Sawian, Member


  1. To conduct periodic monitoring of the functioning of the College Library.
  2. To provide suggestions relating to the purchase of books, subscription of journals and digitization of the library.
  3. To advise the librarian in matters related to the installation of the latest software for cataloging, issuing and receiving of books.
  4. To advise the librarian to work out the modalities for maintenance of the available resources in the library.                              (updated on August 1, 2023)