Counselling Committee

The need for seeking and receiving guidance and counselling has been one of the basic needs of student-teachers as identified by teachers. It is in this context that that the College felt the need to set up this cell which was formally inaugurated on 19th May 2011 by Smt. L.R. Sangma, Director of Educational Research and Training (DERT), Government of Meghalaya.
The committee comprises of  …. as its members.



  • To advise, correct, encourage and strengthen the student-teachers as they pursue the B.Ed. Course.
  • The cell is intended to establish a relationship between the Counsellor and the students in which the former attempts to assist the latter in achieving optimum educational, personal – social development and adjustment.

Functions :

  1. To train the student-teachers how to deal with school students.
  2. To equip the student-teachers with the skills and techniques to be employed in counseling
  3. To provide assistance in matters related to personal, educational and vocational aspects.