IGNOU Correspondence Courses

The College is partnering in the venture of IGNOU to provide quality education by playing host centre to the B.Ed. Programme (Professional) and 2 Master Programmes, viz. M.A. (Education) as a discipline and M.Ed. (Professional). The course codes are as follows:

  1. B.Ed. Programme /1803, since 1998-1999
  2. M.A. (Education) and M.Ed. Programmes / 1866 P since 2008

The Programme Centres are efficiently organized and managed by Senior Members of the teaching faculty of the College. The faculty members in-charge of the programmes are:

  1. B.Ed. Programme: Mrs. M.A. Jyrwa, M.Phil., M.Ed, B.Ed.
  2. M.A. (Education) and M.Ed. Programmes: Ms. B.H. Buam, Ph.D,  M.Phil., B.Ed.,