Research Committee

Since 2007 the College of Teacher Education (PGT) has conducted a number of Action Research in different areas relating to classroom problems. In the later years the College felt the need of encouraging teachers to undertake other forms of research in the field of Education.

In the light of the above, the Research Committee was set up w.e.f. 24th June 2013. The members of the Committee comprises of  the following:

  1. Mrs. T. Swer
  2. Mrs. F. Marbaniang
  3. Mrs. B. Tron


To promote and encourage research work


  1. To identify and undertake research work in the field of education and teacher education.
  2. To identify areas pertaining to classroom problems and to conduct action research
  3. To encourage teachers to publish papers.
  4. To encourage teachers and student teacher to present papers in seminars, symposiums, conferences, etc.