Literary Committee

In the actual working out of the co-curricular activities in the college literary activities such as debates, extempore, poetry writing,  essays and stories must all be woven into a rich and unified pattern where in the student teachers will be able to display their literary skills. To enhance the literary skills of the student teachers, the literary committee of the college was set up. The members include the following:

  1. Mrs. F. Marbaniang
  2. Mrs. B. Tron
  3. Mrs. D.A. Kharmylliem
  4. Mrs. M. Dhar


  1. To conduct competitions for literary events like debates, elocution, extempore, poetry writing, essay writing and story writing.
  2. To conduct  inter and intra literary events in the college.
  3. To encourage students to attend literary events outside the college.
  4. To encourage students to make literary contributions to the college magazines in the form of articles, poetry and other write-ups.
  5. To display newspaper clippings and thought for the day on the bulletin board.